EU Ambassador David Geer emphasized the country’s interest in continuing its journey towards European Union membership and expressed the EU’s readiness to collaborate with the new government and all supporters of the reform process.

“My message is directed at both the government and the country as a whole. I believe that the country’s best interest lies in persisting on its path towards the European Union. We in the EU are prepared to work with the new government and everyone backing the necessary reforms to join the EU. We will do everything we can to assist this country in advancing towards EU membership,” Geer stated.

“This task primarily falls to the government, but it is not solely their responsibility. Support from all key actors across the political spectrum is essential,” Geer added.

“In essence, enlargement must be a national project that unites everyone in working on and implementing the required reforms to join the European Union as swiftly as possible,” Geer stated before the event celebrating two decades of EU membership at Europe House in Skopje on Wednesday evening.