Maria Spyraki, spokeswoman for the Greek opposition New Democracy party, reiterated that they will not vote to ratify the Zaev – Tsipras treaty which renames Macedonia into North Macedonia in exchange for Greece withdrawing its veto for Macedonia’s NATO and EU integration. As the Macedonian Parliament prepares to vote to amend the Constitution as provided in the treaty, Spyraki said that New Democracy will continue to oppose it in the next Greek Parliament as well, as it is widely expected to win at the coming elections which will take in the Autumn at the latest.

– There is nothing more from us on this issue. We said everything we had to say to all interlocutors in and outside of Greece, and in the same way in all languages. New Democracy will not ratify the teraty, in this or in the next Parliament where we will have majority, said Spyraki.

As the nationalist ANEL party, which props up Tsipras’ Government, has announced it will withdraw from the Government if the treaty is sent before the Parliament, Spyraki said that with their withdrawal ANEL and its leader Panos Kammenos will spark a vote of no confidence.

– In that case it will be necessary for Mr. Tsipras to ask for a new majority in Parliament. If he doesn’t do so, he will have no legitimacy in our eyes, added Spyraki, warning against the option that Tsipras tries to remain in power for a few months as the head of some kind of minority Government.