As part of the Global Conference on Cyber Capacity Building 2023 held in Accra, Ghana, Slavica Grkovska, the Deputy Prime Minister in charge of good governance initiatives, participated in a panel discussion titled “Driving impact: making the case for better evaluation of cyber capacity building.”

Grkovska stressed that the National Concept for Digital Transformation’s objective is to make Macedonia a society that is inclusive and technologically advanced while presenting it. The government stated in a press release that evidence-based planning and progress monitoring are essential for the development and execution of policies derived from the idea.

Fundamentally, there are a number of important components, including creating data- and evidence-based policies, setting important cybersecurity standards in cyberspace, taking lessons from past global errors, and effectively communicating issues related to digitization, cybersecurity, and cyber resilience to foster trust among citizens in the system,” Grkovska noted. She went on to say that cybersecurity is the cornerstone upon which we can erect confidence in our digital systems and safeguard the privacy and well-being of our people.

Grkovska emphasized that cybersecurity should be seen as an investment rather than an expense, saying that it “serves as the silent guardian of our systems, data, and privacy.”

Deputy Prime Minister Grkovska concluded the panel discussion by underlining the significance of creating a narrative that motivates action and successfully conveying the development of cyber skills in a society in order to provide a safe and resilient digital landscape for future generations. peruses the news release.