Outspoken SDSM supporter and journalist Branko Trickovski sent out a horrendous threat aimed at opposition leader Hristijan Mickoski. The threat was made as VMRO-DPMNE officials are being arrested every week, and two former VMRO ministers were assaulted by Albanian terrorists in prison.

How about we kidnap Mickoski and remove all his party organs?, Trickoski wrote on his Facebook page.

The comment comes after a series of suspicious disappearances and deaths in Skopje have remained unresolved by the police and the prosecutors, which has caused panic and rumors that an organ theft group is operating in the capital. Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski was forced to personally come out and deny that the death of a mother of three, who was found drowned in the Vardar river, and the disappearances of several other citizens, were driven by organ trade, but for Trickovski this is a laughing matter.

Trickovski is well protected by the SDSM Government, which he supports, despite constantly making gory threats aimed at VMRO officials and activists. The SDSM Government has used the police to harass opposition commentators and frequently initiates hate speech charges over far less morbid comments. In one case, opposition activist Toni Mihajlovski faces charges after he merely responded in kind to a hateful comment Trickovski made, but Trickovski has faced not even a public rebuke from the ruling left.