I am not giving up my political ambitions. In 2024, I will run for president of the country. People are tired of criminals in politics and I will give them a chance to elect an honest man, says Petar Georgievski-Kamikaza, musician, part of the “Memorija” band in an interview with “SlobodnaTV”.

In the local elections for mayor of Skopje, I was supported by only one smaller political party, I ran without a budget, I was only on three billboards, the media ignored me, the electoral battle between the big established party forces was unequal and in such conditions I won over 25,000 votes. That gives me the strength not to give up politics, says Georgievski.

Speaking about the current situation with the blockade of Skopje and the political conflicts in the city council, Georgievski says that he does not feel any remorse about the behavior of the current mayor because she did not have his support during the elections.

The situation in the city is very complex. There is little fault in mayor Arsovska, there is little fault in the party that supported her to become mayor. If the party or members of the party that supported her and financed her election campaign, then their expectations from her are also legitimate. She made and still makes mistakes in steps. Danela simply cannot deal with those who helped her get to the position of mayor of Skopje. For example, her “hand in honey” became a hit. But here, the party that supported has left the honey and now – whose hand is in the honey?, says Georgievski.