Oliver Spasovski, SDS, and DUI are a serious danger to the functioning of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and to the safety of citizens in the face of growing crime, violence and arbitrariness. Criminals forcing out cops. Armed men break into the police station in Aracinovo and the policemen withdraw, they were FORCED OUT from the police station. There is no other such case in the world. Both Spasovski and the Ministry of the Interior are again trying to cover up the case, said Naum Stoilkovski, spokesperson of VMRO-DPMNE.

This is a serious scandal, for which there is no excuse, nor does covering up help. Armed persons close to the government entered the police station in Aracinovo with threats, and four policemen were ordered by a superior to withdraw from the police station, and from Aracinovo to withdraw to Gazi Baba, just because a check was made, they stopped a vehicle, without valid documents. Yesterday, the media reported on what happened two days ago, and the Ministry of Internal Affairs is still silent, he said.

Stoilkovski says that crime and banditry gained momentum precisely because of the arbitrariness and involvement of Spasovski, SDS and DUI in their coverage to the detriment of the police, but also of general security and public order and peace.

Banditry and impudence due to impunity go to the point where the man who, according to the media, led the armed group in the police station in Aracinovo, directly sends threats to the newsroom that published the news. If someone feels powerful enough to enter a police facility armed with impunity and force out and threaten police officers who are withdrawing, who can guarantee the safety of the media or citizens after this anywhere?, he stressed.

He urged the professionals in the Ministry of Interior to protect public order and peace and put an end to political abuses in the police.

Oliver Spasovski must leave the Ministry of Internal Affairs, because after 7 years of his term in office, crime is flourishing, police officers are the target of ridicule, and the police are the logistics of the international mafia. Oliver Spasovski is the biggest threat to the functioning of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the handling of crime, violence and corruption, added Stoilkovski.