In a TV interview, VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski revealed that the Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva tried blackmailing him with the case she started against the main opposition party, where she ordered its property to be frozen. Mickoski said that Janeva asked him to vote in favor of extending the mandate of her SPO office beyond what was agreed in the 2015 Przino talks, and in exchange she would unfreeze the property of the opposition party.

Katica Janeva was in your very studio when she revealed that she had a meeting with me. During that meeting, which had another person present, I asked her why did she freeze the VMRO-DPMNE property. She responded by asking me to support extending her mandate, and she would unfreeze our property. That is how she understands justice, through blackmail, Mickoski said.

The SPO initiated dozens of cases, almost exclusively against VMRO-DPMNE officials, decapitating the once ruling party. In the particular case that investigates party finances, it has singled out a group of small donors from the thousands of people who donate to the party, who now claim they don’t remember giving any money, and as a result it crippled the party finances with court orders.