In his interview with the pro-SDSM 1TV station, VMRO leader Hristijan Mickoski explained his criticism of the Prespa treaty which renames Macedonia into North Macedonia. Mickoski also discussed the constant judicial and police pressure on the opposition by the Zoran Zaev led Government, and the detentions and beatings of opposition officials.

It’s true, even in my worst dream I wouldn’t imagine that a Macedonian politician would be prepared to sign that type of a treaty. The Prespa treaty is practically a capitulation by the Macedonian people and the Macedonian state. I was in Brussels recently, met with the partners from our sister parties, we discussed the situation and in short, I can’t believe that this Zaevism would take on such proportions. A year and a half ago it seemed unimaginable, but unfortunately the Zaev – Dimitrov duo did what they did. We as a party absolutely can’t accept a document which amends our constitutional name. According to the reading of the treaty by Greek politicians, it means that there is no Macedonian nation, just citizens of the Republic of North Macedonia. The Macedonian language, which was recognized until yesterday, is now with an asterix. We lost all our gains in the previous stages of the dispute. This treaty is contrary to the VMRO-DPMNE policies, it couldn’t be more of a defeat, Mickoski told journalist Saso Ordanoski.

Regarding the arrests, and the latest beating of two top VMRO officials in prison by a group of Albanian terrorists, Mickoski said that the abuse of the judiciary has turned Macedonia into a captive state, especially after the arrest of a group of young, underage conservative activists this very morning.

Jane Cento has been in prison for a year. Is he in detention as a cautionary measure, or is he already serving a prison sentence without being sentences?, Mickoski asked.

Mickoski again called Zaev to an interview, to discuss the name issue and the political persecution. Zaev has so far refused to face the opposition leader, but Mickoski said that the journalist Saso Ordanoski, as an outspoken supporter of Zaev, filled this role.

You interpret what Zaev meant to say so well, I feel like I’m debating him instead of you. I can’t seem to get the opportunity to debate Zaev, so it’s good that I can do it with you, Mickoski told Ordanoski.