Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski said that he largely reached agreement on the inclusion of the Alliance of Albanians in the Government, following his meeting with AA leader Arben Taravari. Kovacevski insisted that the main focus of the negotiations held today was on the hoped for continuing of Macedonia’s EU accession talks, the EU screening process. Kovacevski’s Government is facing an open revolt in a faction of the key Albanian partner – the DUI party – as well as a dissatisfaction of the Zaev wing of Kovacevski’s own SDSM party, and he has been scrambling to solidify the majority in case any of these factions decides to withdraw its support.

First and foremost we discussed the screening process the country has with the EU, our chairmanship of the OSCE, our strategic dialogue with the United States and the action plan that the Government is preparing. We discussed the possible expanding of the ruling majority with the Alliance of Albanians. We did not discuss personnel decisions, Kovacevski said.

Considering that SDSM and DUI paid a king’s ransom to bring in AA’s smaller partner, the Alternative party, in the Government, giving them three ministries, it’s expected that AA will push for similar concessions. It’s possible that SDSM and DUI will throw the Alternative out of the Government, give all their seats and additional ministries to appease Taravari. Kovacevski said that in the coming days he will talk to the Alternative as well.