The Parliament is poised to host a leaders’ meeting to determine the dates for the 2024 presidential and parliamentary elections, as announced by Prime Minister Dimitar Kovachevski. The specifics of the gathering remain unspecified, although it mirrors prior sessions involving parliamentary parties.

Kovachevski emphasized that the elections would align with regular timelines, with May appearing as a viable window. The decision, expected to emerge from consensus among political factions, will be declared after the meeting’s conclusion.

Notably, Kovachevski highlighted the commitment among political entities to retain the caretaker government due to the imminent election timeframe. On the issue of the prime minister’s ethnicity as per a coalition agreement, he asserted it’s premature for personnel discussions.

Regarding potential candidates and party alliances for the elections, Kovachevski delineated a divide between pro-EU/NATO and anti-accession parties. The formation of a united front for the presidency or joint MP lists is pending.

On the State Election Commission vacancy, Kovachevski expressed optimism for swift agreement among parties before the election announcement.

Touching on constitutional obligations, Kovachevski acknowledged pending responsibilities, lauding the EU’s fulfillment of certain commitments related to identity matters. He reiterated North Macedonia’s readiness to progress toward EU chapters and membership.