The desertion of the current Macedonian Prime Minister, Dimitar Kovacevski, is one of the topics of today’s parliamentary questions. Dragan Kovacki, MP from VMRO-DPMNE, recalled that in 2001, while patriots were dying, Kovacevski deserted.

While the patriots were dying and filling the graves, Kovacevski was hiding under his bed covering. Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski, would we have this country if our people were hiding from the fascists during the Second World War? You are a deserter. The Ilinden people and the Partisans could fight with arms in hand, and you refused to fight in 2001.

Kovacevski explained on the rostrum in the Parliament why in 2000 he was found to be permanently incapable of serving in the army. According to him, in accordance with all legal procedures and within the framework of a public procedure, based on the opinions of medical experts, it was registered that he was incapable to serve in the army due to abdominal health that he was still dealing with.

It happened in 2000, before the military conflict happened in 2001. I was neither the first nor the last such case. I speak the truth clearly, loudly and completely. This group here, from the opposition, are thieves, criminals, thugs, non-workers and snitches.

They are disintegrating internally due to the sharing of money and tenders like this last one of 136 million euros. The entire leadership has been sentenced to dozens of years in prison for crimes. Apart from crime and position, they are not interested in the citizens at all. And see who is talking about the army – Kovacki. This is a man who, while he was in the army, released information, traded with it, insulted his colleagues. Miserable man. In the next elections, the Parliament will be cleansed of people like him, responded Kovacevski briefly.


What if everyone in 2001 followed your example and hid under their bed coverings? When most of the citizens stood up in the defense of the state, when all the people of Kumanovo put on a uniform, Kovacevski was ready to suffer for bread and water, but only not to participate in the war. He refused to serve the state by submitting a document that he was permanently incapacitated. I do not know a civilized country in which a person who refused to defend it became prime minister. That person must not lead any institution and must not have access to the highest state secrets. Such a person sits at the table with NATO members. If Kovacevski falsified a document once, then he will falsify it a second time. He is a danger to NATO. That person who refused to defend his country by falsifying a document of permanent incapacity must not lead an army. Macedonia is being led into an abyss by a man who will do everything to cover up what he is ashamed of today, said Kovacki.