In the past few days, I had the opportunity to visit many settlements, cities, and villages. I met many people, including farmers, educators, doctors, military personnel, and policemen. Everywhere I went, a common sentiment emerged: it is time for change, it is time for Macedonia to stop wasting time and start progressing. This was stated by Dragan Kovacki, member of the International Council of VMRO-DPMNE and the lead candidate in IE3, during a rally in Rankovce.

“It is time to return Macedonia to the hands of the citizens because it has been taken from us, stolen from us, and humiliated.” Kovacki said. “In Macedonia, there is a structure that is on the way out, but it is under the direct influence of Mala Recica. People with 13 MPs managed to devastate Macedonia in the recent past, destroying the system and its institutions,” he added.

Kovacki mentioned that healthcare is struggling, and farmers express concerns about a lack of guaranteed purchase prices, water for irrigation, and purchase centers. VMRO-DPMNE’s government plans to invest 800 million euros to support farmers, renovate water infrastructure, implement a guaranteed buyback price, and establish new purchase centers.

Kovacki also said that VMRO-DPMNE’s program includes a 5,000 MKD increase in pensions for everyone and an expansion of the positive list of drugs. There will be 250 million euros in direct aid to municipalities.

“VMRO-DPMNE promises the completion of various projects such as the construction of the expressway A2 from Stracic (Chatal) to Dlabochica, the section from Rankovce to Kriva Palanka from road corridor 8 to the Republic of Bulgaria, the construction of a sewage network for Opila, a road with Petralitsa to the village of Baratlija, the construction of the Radibup municipal road to Sredna Maala, and several other projects in cooperation with the Municipality of Rankovce,” Kovacki emphasized.

He concluded by stating that mass turnout in five days is crucial, urging support for Mrs. Gordana Siljanovska Davkova on April 24th. He expressed hope for a significant victory on May 8th to regain Macedonia’s future.