The driver in the fatal bus crash in Serbia which killed three passengers has been detained. Serbian police is still investigating the cause of the crash, which happened near the city of Leskovac, during a snowstorm, and besides the three fatalities, left 32 passengers with various injuries.

– I was sleeping during the crash and awoke to screams and cries for help. People were covered in blood and we were all scared. Emergency crews didn’t know where to begin, so many people were injured. The three who died were under the vehicle, said one of the witnesses.

Most of the passengers were Macedonian citizens traveling to Belgrade or Vienna. Eurobus company owner Xhiton Ishtrefi said that the company bears no responsibility as the bus was in good working order, and the crash was caused by the slippery road. According to Ishrefi, the driver slid off the road when he saw another bus coming from the opposite direction. Serbian police is investigating the speed of the vehicle when it flew out of the road and overturned.