Deputy PM for European Affairs Bojan Marichikj announced at the conference “Utilizing the momentum for enlargement in the changed European security environment” that citizens might experience EU membership earlier than expected. By 2030, reforms within the EU could admit new members, and countries can prepare themselves for membership until then, Marichikj stated on Sunday.

The event, organized by the Progress Institute for Social Democracy and the Kalevi Sorsa Foundation from Finland, highlighted the urgency of having a goal to prevent future reliance on rising nationalism. Marichikj stressed the significance of seizing the current opportunity, indicating rapid progress in the screening process regarding criteria like the rule of law and public administration. He emphasized that missing this chance might lead to losing valuable time and urged active participation in the EU’s growth strategy.

Marichikj reiterated the importance of not missing this moment and emphasized the need to integrate into the European front actively, asserting that waiting is not an option for their country.