MEPSO, the publicly owned energy transportation company, rejected the application of a stellar Machinery Faculty student and hired the sister of Kreshnik Bekteshi, one of the richest ministers in Zaev’s Government.

Aleksandar Gerasimovski was one of the best students at the Ss Cyril and Methodius University graduating in 2017 with an average grade of 9.95 out of 10. He was given the “Engineer’s Ring” award by President Ivanov for excellence in the engineering sciences.

And still his application was rejected. Instead, the company hired Vlora Bekteshi, sister of Minister Kreshnik Bekteshi. The announcement came just as the Minister rudely interrupted a farmers market worker who complained about the latest fees they are forced to pay.

Some 23 positions were opened in MEPSO, a company which recently hired family members of politicians such as the son of former Prime Minister Vlado Buckovski and the daughter of Bekteshi’s fellow DUI official Nevzat Bejta