The team of American investigators should begin its work in the Government, which is rife with corruption, that can be uncovered without much in-depth analysis, using institutions such as the Interior Ministry, the UJP tax authority and the land cadastre, VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski said today. The Macedonian political scene is in flux after the US Embassy announced that it has a team of sanctions experts in the country and demanded serious steps to curb corruption, including among current office holders.

According to Mickoski, crime and corruption will only get worse while the current ruling coalition is in place. “The only way out area early general elections after which there will be no untouchable officials and everyone who gained property illegally will be held responsible”, Mickoski said.

Discussing the other burning political issue, Mickoski said that the VMRO group in Parliament will remain united in opposition to the request that Macedonia amends its Constitution and includes the Bulgarian nation in the preamble. VMRO demands that Bulgaria pledges that this is the last nationalist demand it has from Macedonia and to include reciprocal protections for the Macedonian community in Bulgaria.