VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski called on the voters to punish Zoran Zaev and his Government for their lies and betrayed expectations. Mickoski blasted Zaev for the trial of opposition officials and activists who were sentenced to a record setting 211 years in prison for terrorism, over the April 2017 Parliament incident – a trial which the Government used as much as possible to blackmail members of Parliament and silence critics.

Your wait for the new life they promised ends with the injustice, which they didn’t promise but delivered. But, new winds are beginning to blow and the people will not be lied to again. Every injustice leaves a mark. Each and every one of those 211 years of prison will weigh on the guilty conscience of this Government. This is now a fight for our dignity and for our belief in our values and what we want to be in the future, Mickoski said in a video address.

The opposition leader concludes his address with a call to the voters to unite in order to defeat Zaev’s rule and “to save Macedonia”.