At the forum in Bitola yesterday, we clearly outlined several projects that VMRO-DPMNE and the government intend to implement. Specifically, our primary focus is on projects related to establishing a stable electricity system. President of VMRO-DPMNE, Hristijan Mickoski, addressed a journalist’s question on the energy topic during today’s visit to Gazi Baba, highlighting the importance of modernizing the electricity system, including desulphurization and meeting environmental criteria. Additionally, Mickoski emphasized the significance of electricity production from fossil fuels such as coal.

Mickoski stressed that this priority extends to REC Bitola and the extension of its lifespan.

“Our main message is the necessity of a stable electricity system for economic development. Every investor seeks a reliable resource to build and operate their production facility. We have various projects, including the modernization of REK Bitola, a new approach for the Chebren project, promotion of renewable energy, and a significant green contract based on market conditions rather than guaranteed purchases for individual investors. We also plan to construct two cogeneration gas plants, one in Bitola and one in Skopje, to satisfy heat consumption,” Mickoski emphasized.

Furthermore, Mickoski announced an extensive and thorough investigation into REC Bitola, ongoing for the past few years, focusing on the latest developments where government officials are planning to call tenders worth around 150 million euros.

“They completed one and selected their preferred subcontractor; now, they have announced the other. The 150 million euros cover an 18-month period. As a management responsibility, they should ensure that within the next 50-60 days, they create conditions for promising work. Unlike SDS officials who made their plans clear, no one informed these directors, and they continue to fill their pockets, including some politicians who may escape after May 8,” Mickoski stated.