VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski is of the opinion that the proposal by DUI to elect the country’s president in Parliament should be disregarded. He dismissed Ali Ahmeti’s remarks on the matter as “personal frustrations,” asserting that DUI lacks the influence to advance such a proposal. According to Mickoski, this initiative by DUI will soon become obsolete, and connecting these statements to a threat against election turnout is deemed undemocratic.

After his visit to Gazi Baba municipality, Mickoski cautioned media outlets to exercise prudence when reporting on such statements. Regarding DUI’s proposal for the vice president, Mickoski stated that it wouldn’t contribute any value and reiterated his party’s stance on abolishing all deputy positions to redirect funds towards essential capital projects.

Mickoski regarded Ahmeti’s statement as an attempt to divert attention from DUI’s alleged involvement in significant criminal activities, dismissing it as a distraction tactic for the upcoming campaign. He emphasized that DUI is not a significant force to dictate such discussions and urged the public not to be swayed by rhetoric from a political option destined to become obsolete. Criticizing the arrogance of linking such statements to a threat to election turnout, Mickoski labeled it as undemocratic for a party claiming to focus on state-building and having a 22-year history in government service.

Mickoski recalled that even VMRO-DPMNE had the opportunity to engage in blackmail between two rounds of elections in 2019 but chose not to do so. He praised Taravari’s more moderate stance on the election of the president in Parliament, suggesting that bringing this issue into the public sphere could overshadow crucial discussions about improving citizens’ lives, including economic matters and reforms.

While expressing VMRO-DPMNE’s willingness to discuss various topics after the elections, Mickoski emphasized the existence of their conditions. According to him, vice-presidential and deputy positions should be eliminated to redirect funds for capital investments and citizens’ improved living standards. He argued that deputy ministerial positions and deputies in public enterprises contribute unnecessary expenses and should be abolished.

Mickoski dismissed criticisms from DUI regarding Siljanovska Davkova and VMRO-DPMNE’s alleged pro-Russian orientation as “nonsense.”