VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski met with the visiting groups of members of the European Parliament to inform them about the deteriorating political situation in Macedonia and the systemic persecution of the opposition in the country.

Mickoski joined a lunch with MEPs Eduard Kukan, Knut Fleckenstein, Cristian Dan Preda, Ilhan Kyuchyuk and EU Ambassador to Macedonia Samuel Zbogar.

During the meeting, Mickoski pointed to the poor political and economic situation and the delays in the implementation of the obligations related to the European agenda. Mickoski also emphasized the undemocratic atmosphere and the divisions in the society, the use of pressure and persecution against the opposition and all critical voices. It was this atmosphere which forced VMRO-DPMNE to freeze its participation in the Jean Monnet process, the opposition party said in its press release, referring to the process used to get opposition input for some of the reform priorities demanded by the EU.

– The Government is creating a system of dependent judiciary and political driven state prosecutors who place themselves in the service of the Government in power. This has contributed to the major delay in the reforms, and have proven that EU accession is not a priority for this Government, VMRO-DPMNE said.