In a video address, VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski named a series of violations of the rule of law and other injustices and broken promises on the part of the Zoran Zaev Government. According to Mickoski, the voters must resist this at the coming presidential elections.

It is an injustice when the Prime Minister acknowledges that he ordered an amnesty to bargain with members of Parliament, because he needed a two-thirds majority to rename the country. It is an injustice when the majority of the citizens vote against a proposal, and you change the name of the country never the less. It is an injustice when the parents of the four children killed in Smilkovsko Lake are still grieving and seeking justice, while the killers remain unpunished, despite Zoran Zaev’s promises that he will take the real culprits before the face of justice. It is an injustice when another set of parents are grieving for patriots sentenced to 211 years in prison, Mickoski said, naming some of those sentenced in the April 27 court case such as Jane Cento, the descendent to the Cento family name.

In his address, Mickoski also accuses the Zaev led Government of crime and corruption, in public procurement, in nepotistic hirings in the public sector, in failing to pay the agriculture subsidies on time, and in reducing retirement incomes.

We are louder than ever and we will speak out against each and every injustice. It is time to set things right, Mickoski urged his supporters.