Saint Clement knew a millennium ago that only a literate people is strong and indestructible. Today, a literate people can resist the modern evil of corruption and crime that destroys our community and state. A literate people can oppose semi-literate self-styled ruling elites who suck their citizens to exhaustion, said the leader of VMRO-DPMNE, Hristijan Mickoski in his address at an event held on the occasion of Saint Clement of Ohrid Day in Skopje.

Crime and corruption destroy the system. And that is the old pain of this government that we talk about every day. And after the announcement of the information that American investigators would come to uncover crime, those statements from the government that they themselves would support are really funny but also tragic. I want to be precise and clear, we have had one political party in power in Macedonia for twenty years. Twenty years. For seven years this same Minister of Interior has been the Minister of Interior. More than five years of absolute power. The people who are the creators of that same corruption and crime, who are the allies of the criminals, who are still leading those institutions cannot solve the problems with crime and corruption. Because they are the people who are the creators of that same crime and corruption, explained Mickoski.

Mickoski added that if there are corrupt political elites who lead the state, they have an Achilles’ heel, and when they have an Achilles’ heel, they do not make decisions that are in the interest of the people and the state, but they make decisions because the one who corrupted them and criminalized and orders them to make such decisions.