During his visit to Tetovo, VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski responded to Zoran Zaev over the definition of his way of running the country, which VMRO refers to Zaevism. For the opposition, Zaevism means a unique blend of overt corruption and denial of obvious negative consequences and events. Zaev tried turning this around, saying that the opposition suffers from “Zavidlizam” – meaning envy.

What is there that we should be envious about? In order for us to envy him, he first has to do something? He is sinking the country economically, he took us to the same level with Rwanda and Tansania in the Transparency International corruption index. We lag the entire region in economic growth. Every day somebody gets killed or disappeared. He humiliated his own country and is even disappointing the expectations of his supporters. Zaevism is rampant and our task is to stop it, Mickoski responded to Zaev’s boast.

The opposition leader said that during his meeting with Zaev on Sunday evening he will raise the issue of early general elections. Main topics of discussion include the coming presidential elections and how Zaev’s Government can ensure they are free and fair. Mickoski said that he will discuss the constant persecution of political opponents.