VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski sees the speed with which more than 10.000 citizens came out in support of the party’s presidential nominee Gordana Siljanovska as evidence that the days of the Zoran Zaev regime are numbered.

We need to take back our country, our Macedonia, and give it to the citizens who want dignity, peaceful life and rule of law. We need a President who will fight against injustice, and will ensure that all our citizens are equal before the law. Zaev’s despotism is crumbling and the day of the victory of the people is coming, Mickoski said.

He came out to support Siljanovska, giving his signature in favor of her presidential nomination in Skopje, as all across the country thousands of citizens did the same. Siljanovska is the first major party nominee and the first to collect the 10.000 signatures. SDSM is still negotiating with a group of ethnic Albanian parties over which of the SDSM candidates they would support, even after the week’s time which Zaev gave himself to appoint the nominee expired.