According to the MINAreport news site, Zoran Zaev and Ali Ahmeti are close to agreement that Oliver Spasovski will be their consensual candidate for President at the upcoming elections in late April.

The site reports that Ahmeti and Zaev had a meeting last night at which the main topic of discussion was the presidential candidate.

According to government sources, this evening, a meeting was held between Zaev and Ahmeti. The main topic of the conversation was the joint candidate for president of the state, with Zaev insisting that the Police chief Oliver Spasovski, as his trusted man, ought to be the candidate. Ahmeti had nothing against Spasovski, however, he did have certain conditions whose fulfillment would help him persuade party members in Mala Recica to support him, MIA report writes.

According to the site, Ahmeti’s request was that if in 2019 the presidential candidate is Spasovski, then the next presidential candidate in 2024 must be an ethnic Albanian, nominated with the support of SDSM.

According to our sources Zaev agreed with Ahmeti, however added that it would be good if made an effort and consulted with the SDS leadership. Ahmeti’s second condition was if Spasovski was elected president of the state, then he, as supreme commander, together with the Defense and the ARM, appointed an Albanian as Chief of Staff of the Army. Zaev stated this request will be fulfilled, writes the site.