Zoran Zaev’s Government has its first corruption scandal of the New Year. Labour and Welfare Minister Mila Carovska was revealed to have hidden the significant revenue her unwed husband Goran Georgievski received from Government linked contracts.

Carovska is using a loophole in the law demanding that all politicians report their earnings before assuming office, during their term and after leaving office. She is not officially married to Goran, who she lives with and has a child with, reports the Economic Leader news site.

In April Georgievski received a no-bid contract from the public energy transportation company MEPSO worth 780.000 denars (12.000 EUR) to teach MEPSO employees how to operate drones. This company was recently pilloried by anti-corruption activists after it gave jobs to the children of a number of officials from the ruling SDSM and DUI parties.

This is not the only contract this politically connected individual received. The SDSM run city of Kumanovo bought a drone from Georgievski for 2.000 EUR, while the SDSM affiliated authorities in the city of Skopje gave him 9.000 EUR for various drone related services.

His work with the Government, which was kept hidden from the basic anti-corruption monitoring systems, came to public eye after he was reportedly in the pole position to receive an enormously high contract with the city of Skopje to procure a drone that would “measure air pollution” worth 100.000 EUR, again in an attempted no-bid procedure.