Prison sentences of more than two centuries for the events of 27 April in the Parliament of Macedonia for terrorist threat to the constitutional order and security, all 16 convicted will be detained until the verdict becomes effective. From the very beginning of the trial, both among the public and among the experts, the question was raised whether such a classification of the case is perhaps too severe and unfounded.

According to the former BJB head, Mitko Cavkov, to whom the Criminal Council headed by judge Dobrila Kacarska handed down a prison sentence of 18 years, the government’s order had been delivered.

The order of the mafia ruling in the Republic of Macedonia has been delivered: Monstrous accusation – unfounded. A draconian sentence, Cavkov wrote on Facebook.

For the Public Prosecutor’s Office, justice is served, but the defendants in this case say that there is no J from justice. The question is what next. Cavkov’s lawyer Sasko Dukoski told Alfa that this decision of Kacarska will not be passed even by the higher courts in Macedonia, and if the verdict is not changed by the Appellate and the Supreme Court, they will seek justice in Strasbourg.

What is done with this verdict, I am pretty sure that I cannot pass the test of the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. From so many legal matters, and if I begin to list now, we are Friday night, I will be finished by Sunday, Dukoski told Alfa.

Mitko Cavkov did not ask the court for an amnesty offered to him with the law passed in the Parliament, and according to Dukoski it should have been granted to everyone since there’s no selective amnesty in modern democracies.

Contrary to practices, Cavkov was detained before the verdict was pronounced, because of an official note by a police officer who had heard somewhere that the former interior minister intended to flee to a villa he owned in Chalkidiki. Cavkov announced a lawsuit for the falsified note.

I will give the Chalkidiki property (if found to exist) as a present to “investigative journalists”. I will file a lawsuit for the falsified note, Cavkov said.

All convicted persons have the right to appeal to the higher courts, and what will be the decision there is to be seen in the future. How long this process would last is also uncertain. Lawyers told Alfa that the procedure can run quickly, or drag on. Jane Cento said that history would free them. Only opera singer Igor Durlovski, one of the leaders of the “For a United Macedonia” protests was acquitted.

Source: Alfa