The 211-year prison sentence handed down in the politically motivated 27 April case has buried the law and justice, VMRO-DPMNE said Sunday in a press release.

Political persecution in Macedonia has reached its climax. Day by day, the number of victims of the zaevism, political persecution and torture by the government over political opponents is growing. Macedonia is a captured state, in which the rule of law is abolished, the Kacarska judiciary judges as Zaev wishes, and the Ruskoska prosecution stages politically motivated cases for Zaev’s political opponents. They are the embodiment of the zaevism, a system in which law and justice are only nouns, the party added.

VMRO-DPMNE pointed out that the 16 draconian sentences for the defendants in a politically motivated case dubbed 27 April 27 are evidence of the fear on the Bihacka street, the fear of Zoran Zaev from the anger of the citizens, the fear of a certain election defeat. Political persecution is just another desperate attempt by the pardoned Zaev keep his power and continue his criminal rule.

The end of Zaev’s political career is near. He fled from early parliamentary elections, but the will of the citizens will win the presidential elections. Zoran Zaev will not lie again to the citizens, and Pendarovski is just a backbone of his character and another synonym for Zaevism. April 21 will mark the beginning of the end of the alienated and criminal rule of the pardoned Zaev and the return of law and justice in the Republic of Macedonia, reads VMRO-DPMNE’s press release.