Obviously, the SDSM has a lot of free time and ideas for statements, and yet it can’t find time to respond to a call for a duel.
In anticipation of the 4th announcement for today, let me remind you … You justified Bloody Thursday by pardoning the gatekeepers of evil, said presidential candidate Gordana Siljanovska Davkova, following SDSM’s statement that she hadn’t stated her position regarding the 27 April case.

Hristijan Mickoski’s candidate Gordana Siljanovska is not honest with the citizens – she is silent for attempted murder on April 27th. On the one hand, Siljanovska gives cheap political statements, but she has not said a word against the violence, said nothing about the lynch attempts, the organizers of these bloody events, about the attack on democracy. Gordana Siljanovska is not ashamed of being supported by a political structure that has blood on their hands, SDSM said Saturday in a press release.