The government led by Dimitar Kovachevski created a budget hole amounting to €500 million, which resulted from the desperate situation of the Macedonian economy. DUI and SDS are trying to cover that with new loans. The public debt passed the psychological limit of eight billion euros and will continue to grow, VMRO-DPMNE informed on Friday.

“Kovachevski and his government are trying to cover up the process by switching between creditors – a little bit Eurobond, a little bit from the citizens directly, from the local banks, from the World Bank, but the reality is that Macedonia sinks in debt, without any benefit to the country. On the contrary, the citizens are growing poorer, the living standard hit the bottom due to the high prices, the economic activity is brought down to surviving, we have the smallest GDP growth in the region, and then there are no foreign investments”, VMRO-DPMNE reacts, adding that with this government, the only thing that rows is the debt.