Muhamed Zekiri resigned as Secretary General of the Government. The move comes after the bombshell announcement that he faces a major corruption charge worth a million EUR.

Throughout my work I’ve always chosen the true path, the path of justice and truth. I want to remain determined to these personal values. As a man of moral integrity I submit my irrevocable resignation as Secretary General of the Government. I believe in the institutions and I believe that truth and justice will prevail. I remain at the disposal of the institutions, to prove my innocence, Zekiri said.

He is being investigated for approving consulting contracts worth almost a million EUR, along with two Croatian citizens. Zekiri is very close to former Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, who appointed him to the top administrative position in the Government after his previous Secretary General Dragi Raskovski was also removed because of a major corruption scandal. Zekiri led the SDSM party push to win over ethnic Albanian voters, which made him top opponent of the powerful DUI party.