Let me ask Mila Carovska if the digitalization reforms are for lucrative purposes. Carovska cannot wake up one morning and get a call from Croatia and get one or two lucrative offers from there and say I will push for digitalization. I publicly ask her if the motives behind the so-called education reform are of a lucrative nature that costs tens of millions a year and whether it is related to Croatia. Let her tell us about the engagement that will be needed of numerous external advisors, the engagement of non-governmental organizations without a clear picture according to which criteria they will be elected, said the vice president of VMRO-DPMNE Aleksandar Nikoloski in an interview with TV 24.

This Government is the government with the least support in the Parliament in the history of Macedonian democracy. The forces are 51 against 49 government – opposition. When this is the case, the government has two choices. Either to talk about major issues with the opposition and align positions or to run only projects that will not be disputed by the opposition, said Nikoloski.

We had projects that we thought were not good and that is why in the past period VMRO-DPMNE reacted, as there were initiatives that were not good, for example the idea was to conduct a census with about 50 lost lives daily and spread additionally the pandemic. And thus let it happen to us, God forbid, the Indian scenario. Our goal was to postpone the census and the census was postponed. There were projects that were important for SDSM and we said all right, we can talk. This is how democracy works, where the ratio is 51-49, said Nikoloski.