The best proof of how much trust SDSM enjoys among the people is the fact that they have fled from early parliamentary elections.

This was pointed out by VMRO-DPMNE vice-president, Aleksandar Nikoloski on TV Alfa show on Wednesday.

A Government wants early parliamentary elections because it can win another mandate in conditions when it is strongest. This Government in the Republic of Macedonia runs away from early elections because it knows it is weak. And as time passes, they will become even weaker. The next period will be reduced to pressures and blackmail and stealing. They will make pressures and blackmails against people, and on the other hand they will steal because they know that this is their last. Not only will they lose in the elections, but they will also end up as PASOK in Greece, they will become a marginal political party, and that’s why they behave like this towards the state they should run, said Nikoloski.

He said that SDSM and DUI cannot choose a consensual candidate, that such a candidate they will choose will be a candidate for Zaev and Ahmeti.

They cannot talk about consensus because they do not represent the majority of the people living in Macedonia, let alone represent them and to talk about consensus. If there were early elections they would have been defeated, as they will be defeated in the presidential elections. There is a consensual candidate for the Macedonian people, and that is Professor Gordana Siljanovska Davkova, said Nikoloski.