Patients at the Veles hospital are examined at a temperature of 10ºC, claims infectious disease expert Slavica Trajkova. In a Facebook post, she points out that the Department of Infectious Diseases at the Veles hospital should be awarded for energy saving. At the same time, she published a photo of a thermometer showing that it is 10ºC in the room.

Patients, both children and the elderly are examined at that temperature. Trajkova commented ironically that the refrigerators in which vaccines and serums are stored can also be turned off because the room temperature corresponds to a “cold chain”.

In this hospital, despite the announced modernization, doctors buy stethoscopes themselves, the infectious disease expert explains.

It’s no different in the hospital rooms… But there are blankets there. What was a functioning blood pressure machine, or an EKG machine, or a pulse oximeter?!, she adds.