On Friday, President Stevo Pendarovski engaged in discussions with René Troccaz, France’s Special Envoy for the Western Balkans.

The talks encompassed the current state of affairs within the country, along with the forthcoming steps essential in the accession negotiations of the Republic of North Macedonia with the European Union. Additionally, the dialogue extended to deliberations on relations within the Western Balkans neighborhood and region concerning European integration. The President’s Office highlighted that the meeting facilitated an exchange of perspectives and information on the regional countries’ conditions and prospects, set against a backdrop of wider geopolitical and security considerations.

President Pendarovski conveyed appreciation for the invaluable French support and expertise contributing to North Macedonia’s European integration journey. He expressed anticipation that France, being a fundamental pillar of the European Union, would play a significant role in expediting the integration of Western Balkan countries into the EU.

Both sides acknowledged the robust foundation of Macedonian-French relations built upon enduring friendship, mutual comprehension, and respect.