Macedonia has emerged as one of the pioneering nations in extending military, technical, and humanitarian aid to Ukraine, announced President Stevo Pendarovski during his address at the plenary session of the Ukraine – Southeast Europe Summit held in Tirana on Wednesday.

President Pendarovski highlighted that Macedonia, in collaboration with its NATO allies, remains steadfast in opposing the assault on Ukraine’s independence. He emphasized the commitment to seek accountability for all war crimes committed, aiming to ensure justice for the victims and their families. Pendarovski pledged unwavering support until a peace agreement reflecting the aspirations of the Ukrainian people is achieved. Additionally, Macedonia expressed readiness to assist Ukraine in shaping its future, including aspirations for integration into the European Union and NATO.

The President acknowledged the resilience and sacrifices of the Ukrainian nation over the past decade, emphasizing that the struggle for Ukraine’s freedom resonates globally among democratic and civilized societies. Pendarovski underscored the critical role of financial, logistical, and military assistance provided by friendly nations to the success of the Ukrainian armed forces.

Addressing concerns related to the outcome of elections in the US and the EU, President Pendarovski asserted that decisions contrary to the will of the Ukrainian people cannot lay the foundation for peace. He cautioned against appeasement, citing the annexation of Crimea a decade ago as a stark reminder that it did not resolve the conflict but instead emboldened Russia to repeat aggressive actions in eastern Ukraine.