The US Senate withdrew from consideration resolution 602, submitted in August by senators Chris Murphy and Ron Johnson, which declared support for the push to rename Macedonia into North Macedonia.

United Macedonian Diaspora declared a win after the resolution was withdrawn, given that it labeled all opponents of the renaming of Macedonia as “anti-Western” and “pro-Russian”.

The Macedonian-American community is adamantly opposed to a change of Macedonia’s name, identity, language, history, to appease Greece and to join NATO and the EU. The successful educational advocacy done to defeat both these shameful resolutions is a testament to the growing engaged and concerned Macedonian-American community. Many meetings with members of Congress and respective staff, conducted by Macedonian-American leaders, appreciated hearing our concerns, and were astonished by the blunders made by the Prespa Agreement and the governments of Zaev and Tsipras, UMD said.

Another resolution, introduced in the House of Representatives by Greek supporting representative Carolyn Maloney, was also withdrawn. While presenting H.Res. 804, Maloney insisted that “Macedonia was, is and always will be Greek”, pandering to her Greek supporters and financiers.

Macedonians across the United States called their representatives and organized campaigns to demand the withdrawal of these resolutions as damaging to the basic human right of self-determination.