DS once again showcased their incompetence. Bojmacaliyev’s ostentatious reception of forms at the border only served as a reminder to citizens of the mishandling of vaccines. Just like with vaccines before, the incompetence of SDS is causing suffering for citizens, prompting a reaction from VMRO-DPMNE.

Rather than celebrating the arrival of forms, Bojmacaliyev, as Spasovski’s chief of staff, should offer an apology to the citizens for the passport crisis. The lack of a comprehensive plan, the reduction of orders by 400,000 with annexes to just tens of thousands, and the delay in processing documents have left citizens without passports.

Recalling the promises made towards the end of 2023, Spasovski and Bojmacaliyev assured citizens that they would obtain personal and travel documents on time, adhering to the government-imposed deadline of February 14, 2024. However, they were aware, at that time, that over 100,000 individuals had their data processed but lacked forms for printing documents—a situation they themselves created. Citizens who were photographed in November faced months of delays in obtaining documents, contrary to the promised issuance deadlines.

This predicament has essentially placed over 600,000 citizens of Macedonia in a form of “state custody.”

A potential solution exists, and if SDSM has the integrity, they should act on it. They can vote in favor of amending the law to extend passport validity, thereby mitigating the problem they are responsible for.

The citizens are well aware that the current situation under DUI and SDSM leadership is far from ideal. This is why it is crucial to defeat them, as emphasized in VMRO-DPMNE’s reaction.