Defense Minister Radmila Sekerinska said on Monday that Macedonia is “weeks away” from taking a seat in NATO. Meeting General Joseph Lengyel who heads the US National Guard Bureau, Sekerinska said that Macedonia fulfilled its obligations under the Prespa treaty and now expects that Greece will ratify the treaty and then approve our NATO membership.

Macedonia showed it deserves a place in the Alliance since we can resolve and not freeze our problems. With the signing of the Final Agreement between Macedonia and Greece and with the adoption of the constitutional amendments we showed that as a country we can free ourselves from the weight that was dragging us to the bottom for many years, said Sekerinska.

Greece vetoed Macednia’s NATO membership in 2008, and agreed to remove the veto if Macedonia renames itself into North Macedonia, allows Greece to rewrite Macedonian history books and implements a number of other concessions.

The Greek Parliament is supposed to vote on the ratification of the treaty on Thursday, and then, after NATO issues an invitation, it should also ratify Macedonia’s NATO membership instrument.