Skopje mayor Petre Silegov regretted his decision to try to take the podium along with the Parni Valjak band during their concert at the main Macedonia Square in the capital. Silegov was booed off the stage by the concert goers angered at him interrupting singer Aki Rahimovski.

Silegov was barely able to utter several congratulatory comments before removing himself while the crowd shouted “thief”. He made another attempt to speak to the crowd after the fireworks, but this time he kept it even shorter and only congratulated the New Year.

Meanwhile his employees had their hands full after the concert. Some 40 cubic meters of trash had to be removed from the Square, which was covered by the Winterland village and the adjacent celebrations.

The wild celebrations across the capital began with the Aca Lukas, Milica Pavlovik and Pegja Medenica concert at the Boris Trajkovski concert hall on Sunday, when guests literally trashed the venue. The toilets particularly suffered from the unruly visitors and some lady even left the stockings behind.