Macedonian citizens have become used to shocking information about people working for the SDSM Government, but having a terrorist employed there would still raise eyebrows. Bekim Aliu would not be the first, or likely the last, terrorist member of the NLA/UCK employed in the Government.

In 2001, Aliu was a member of the terrorist NLA, but he gained notoriety in 2015, during the attack on Kumanovo, when over Facebook he revealed the positions of the Macedonian police forces to the ethnic Albanian terrorists who were attacking the city.

Now he has been hired as an adviser in the Government and enjoys his new role so much so that his Facebook page is filled with his pictures in front of the Government building. His profile also listed him as an adviser to the Government.

After our request that the Government answers whether he Aliu is really working there, we received a denial, saying that no such person works there. Shortly after the denial, Aliu scrubbed his Facebook page and removed his current job.

Eight Macedonian police officers were killed in the bloody battle with the terrorists in Kumanovo, during which Aliu publicly revealed their positions.

They are now at the Gold hypermarket. About 50 people from the special unit, he posted during the battle.

Then opposition leader Zoran Zaev rushed to Kumanovo after the fighting has subsided and one of the people to greet him there was Bekim Aliu. Since then he was photographed numerous times with top SDSM officials such as Oliver Spasovski and Muhamed Zekiri, pictures he would post on his Facebook page.