The Anti-Discrimination Commission initiated an investigation into the beating of political prisoner Jane Cento, who has been held for over a year in detention for speaking out and acting against the Zaev Government.

Cento was attacked by a dozen prison guards last week, after, during a search and seizure of his cell phone, he said that the phone was sold to him by the very same guards now seizing it. The heir to one of the leading political families in Macedonia refused the offer of amnesty and remains in the Shutka detention facility near Skopje. On a photograph posted after the beating there is visible bruising on his skin as well as boot-prints on his back.

The Constitution and the laws prevent any direct or indirect discrimination, based on gender, race, color of skin, ethnic background, language, citizenship, religion, political belief and other grounds. Therefore we are investigating all available relevant evidence for potential discrimination in this case. We call on all other institutions, such as the Ombudsperson, the Parliament Committee for protection of human rights and liberties, to get engaged in this case, the Anti-Discrimination Commission said.

One of the guards who attacked Cento was revealed to have posted horrific threats on his social media accounts, announcing he will beat up conservative activists as they are being sent to his prison.