On Tuesday, the State Archives and the National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia inked a memorandum of cooperation with the aim of enhancing and broadening their collaboration in the realms of research, data collection, processing, registration, preservation, and promotion of archived materials that hold significance for the Bank’s historical records, financial status, and the evolution of banking and the economy in Macedonia.

This partnership will manifest through activities such as the research and digitization of archival materials from banks and financial organizations that are pertinent to the agricultural and economic progress of Macedonia, jointly organized exhibitions and other scholarly and educational initiatives, as well as the joint publication of books and materials aimed at the discovery, documentation, and digitization of archival resources for the better understanding of agricultural and economic development. This information was disclosed in a press release by the State Archives.

The memorandum was formally endorsed by Emil Krsteski, the Director of the State Archives, and Anita Angelovska-Bezhoska, the Governor of the National Bank.