Today, during the 145th plenary session, Members of Parliament approved amendments to six laws aimed at reducing the salary coefficients for elected and appointed officials.

This move will halt the salary growth for these individuals, but the 78 percent increase implemented last year will remain unchanged.

The legislative changes apply to approximately 1,060 elected and appointed individuals, including the president, deputies, ministers, judges, public prosecutors, and members of the Judicial Council and the Council of Public Prosecutors.

The proposed amendments were put forward by the parliamentary group of SDSM. Reacting to these announcements, the Association of Judges, the Judicial Council, and the Association of Public Prosecutors expressed their concerns yesterday.

For officials appointed directly by the Government, not covered by the legal changes, the government is considering the option of intervention through a decision. According to Vice Prime Minister for Economic Affairs Fatmir Bitici, this intervention can also be facilitated by the management and supervisory boards.