Former Macedonian Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski, who is in Hungary, gave an interview to RAI in which he talks about the political persecution.

The case in which I was charged was falsified, I knew that there was a plan to kill me behind bars. I can not provide details now, but there is always someone that doesn’t find you convenient, Gruevski says.

In the interview, Gruevski said that before leaving the country, he sent a letter to Johannes Hahn and to Federica Mogherini, even to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, asking them to send a retired judge to take a look at the case.

He was convinced that the EU hadn’t read the documents.

I decided to come to Hungary because there are independent institutions, he told RAI.

He also said that he still opposes the agreement with Greece.

There was no Russian influence on me and my party, Gruevski says.