The Agency for Management of Confiscated Property has initiated a procedure to return funds to the state budget, stemming from the confiscated property of former Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski. This action follows a court order that mandated the confiscation of multiple assets, including flats and construction lots, along with several apartments in Skopje.

In the ‘Plots in Vodno’ case, the following properties were confiscated from former Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski: two flats in Skopje, three apartments in Panorama Residence in Vodno, as well as construction lots in the Centar municipality and Norovo (Krushevo). The Agency for Management of Confiscated Property made this announcement on their official Facebook page and indicated that the confiscated property will soon be made available for sale.

It’s worth noting that Nikola Gruevski was granted asylum in Hungary back in November 2018, following a two-year prison sentence for corruption in the “Tank” case. He has also faced charges in several other cases, leading Macedonian authorities to issue an international warrant for his arrest.