No giving up. Just change the paradigm. And a new doctrine to reach the goal! Too much blood has been shed, too many sacrifices have been made in the past, for the Macedonian people and the citizens of Macedonia to give up so easily from what has been taken away from us in this period, to accept the injustices as reality or the damage done as irreparable. It is hard, but our struggle for the Macedonian cause should continue. We have no other choice, nor a reserve state, nor the right to forget that this freedom and state came with bloodshed and many casualties, former Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski wrote on Facebook in the continuation of his remarks.


The easier part was left to us. Let’s keep it and continue the fight to close the 140-year-old struggle for the Macedonian issue. Without harming anyone or taking away anything from anyone. We have a newly emerging situation. New paradigm and doctrine are needed. Goals remain. And as the trailer of a Macedonian series, which, unfortunately, the puppet government did not allow to be realized, shows: Macedonia is a love story … And in love, happiness and pain go together. Long live Macedonia!!!