Spasovski and the authorities, turning a blind eye to Palevski’s behavior, have created a monstrous character who is accused of two brutal murders, of the Veleshan Panche and of little Vanja, say VMRO-DPMNE, adding that these two murders will weigh heavily on the conscience of Spasovski and the authorities. reasons.In addition, the party says that Spasovski and the government should answer to the public why not all measures were taken in the investigation after the disappearance of Panche from Veles and his vehicle, with which little Vanja was then abducted, even though it was reported to the police?

Why the same was not located in Skopje with the Safe City system before or immediately after the girl’s disappearance? The Ministry of the Interior has been silent for days and does not say whether it is true that the vehicle was in Skopje for 3 days before the abduction of the girl, and the same vehicle was previously reported as missing together with the owner Panče Žežovski?

The silence of Spasovski and the authorities shows that this tragedy happened because of the impunity towards Palevski because of his protection which he enjoyed in the party and police structures of the SDS, because after so much sowing of hatred and the creation of a toxic atmosphere, he felt encouraged to commit such an act and due to the fact that there are a series of omissions in the investigation even after reporting the disappearance of the first person, Panche from Velesha and his car, VMRO-DPMNE reports.