A video informing migrants about their rights in Macedonia published by the USAID agency caused a lot of pushback on social media and raised concerns that the country can be pushed to accept migrants for permanent settlement.

The video is produced by USAID and MYLA, a left wing activist organization of legal experts who have already worked on USAID projects meant to help illegal migrants and refugees receive legal status in Macedonia or, as is more likely, continue their trip north toward the more prosperous European Union countries. After a number of media reports calling it out, USAID Macedonia seemingly deleted the tweet in which it shared the video.

Their latest video is dedicated to informing migrants about their rights to remain in Macedonia, including access to the labour market, help to find free accommodation and access welfare, education and job training rights, learn the language of the country and ultimately obtain citizenship.

Macedonia is far from the migrant and refugee crisis days of 2015 and 2016, when up to 10.000 people would cross the country each day on their way to Serbia and further north, but the Balkan route remains open and not a day goes by without the report of a group of migrants being detained or being involved in a traffic accident while heading north. The left wing Government led by Zoran Zaev includes outspoken proponents of open borders, and while it has not opened the border with Greece, which was closed by the previous, conservative Nikola Gruevski led Government, it is working on amending Macedonian regulation to provide for integration of migrants.