The use of the Macedonian passport with the previous name may be accepted in some European countries, but not in Germany, according to diplomatic sources reported by Deutsche Welle. German authorities do not permit entry using the previous passport for individuals from North Macedonia or third countries. Caretaker Minister of Interior Panche Toshkovski highlighted the use of the previous passport in Germany, Switzerland, Albania, and Kosovo, expressing discontent that it is no longer valid within the country. Toshkovski advocates amending the Law on Travel Documents as a solution.

Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani welcomed Switzerland’s decision to allow travel using the previous passport for Macedonian nationals. However, it remains unclear whether this applies to travel from Switzerland to North Macedonia or vice versa. German authorities reportedly facilitate the situation for Macedonian nationals, allowing the use of previous passports for personal identification within Germany. Yet, entry into the country requires a passport with the new name. The Central Council of Macedonians in Germany threatens legal action if the decision on passport validity is not revised promptly.

Since February 13, under the Prespa Agreement, Macedonian nationals cannot travel abroad using the previous passport, except for Kosovo, Serbia, and Albania, where entry is permitted with an ID.